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methinks Hires Silicon Valley and Video Startup Vet as CEO

  • methinks Ryan

September has been a big month for the methinks team. We brought on two industry veterans to help us grow, as well as a chief executive officer!

We hired Aaron Burcell as our new CEO, and he's already making his mark. While Aaron is a 'new hire,' he's no stranger to methinks. He was our very first advisor back when the product was first taking shape, as well as one of our very first customers and product evangelists. To say he's invested in the success of the product and company is a significant understatement, which is why he is a great fit for us! 

Aaron has served in marketing, operations and growth roles at startups and large companies, including leadership roles at Grockit, Vevo, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Most recently, he returned to Loop Media as its chief operating officer in the run up to its merger with FogChain. Aaron had previously served as the chief marketing officer at Loop during its founding and initial growth phase, including the acquisition of commercial streaming leader, ScreenPlay. 

That's quite a résumé!

What excites us so much about Aaron is the vast wealth of Valley knowledge and experience he brings with him. You might say, he's been around the block a few times. He also brings a large network, an unrivaled passion for start-up life, and a contagious enthusiasm that helps put a pep in our collective step. Most importantly, he brings a steady, experienced hand to our company as we continue growing and aim to disrupt the industry.

It was all of these qualities together that sold us on Aaron being the right person at the right time to lead us. We are all very happy and excited he's here!