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How should you communicate with your customers?

  • methinks Joe

It is generally challenging to communicate with customers these days, with so many different ways to communicate such as SMS, email or push notifications, businesses are confused because you can lose customers, waste resources and damage your brand if you do not communicate with your customers correctly.

A company using methinks wanted to discover these answers and figure out what is the best way to communicate in general with their customers.

Here is what was discovered:

1. Most individuals preferred to be communicated to via SMS because it felt more urgent and more personal.

2. For longer conversations, that can be tracked and accessed anywhere, customers preferred email.

Overall the study had shown it comes down to what is the message, which will determine the best way to communicate it to your customers. By discovering this information a business can engage and retain more customers while helping organically grow their business.

Do you know the best method of communicating with your customers?

Try methinks.io, engage with your customer demographic and see how you should communicate with your customers.

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