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methinks at CONNECT CMO Leadership Summit

  • methinks Ryan

The methinks team attended the CONNECT CMO Leadership Summit in Chicago September 22-24 where we joined many other marketers looking to share expertise and absorb it.

The quality and quantity of its attendees was impressive. We made a lot of great new connections that led to lengthy discussions about the value of qualitative research and how methinks fits in. Many of the CMOs we spoke with understood how powerful research and direct feedback from consumers can be. They see that feedback as a critical input in the development and evolution of their products. This was very validating for us!

We had a very busy meeting schedule while at the Summit, which was exhausting but well worth the time. We received a lot of great feedback on our own product, and were able to walk away with ideas for how to make it even better. We didn’t experience any meaningful pushback on the need for the methinks platform either. On the contrary, during our demos we observed an instant realization - a lightbulb moment - of how big of an impact our product could make on their businesses.

Our mission has always been to make qualitative research more accessible and easier to execute no matter your level of expertise. What we heard from those we met at the Summit indicated our product is well positioned to deliver on those points.

The Summit was non-stop and we needed sleep, but all work and no play would’ve been a drag. So, we blew off some steam at the karaoke party that followed.

Now, all we need to do is find the video of our CRO, Kris Jacob, belting out "My Heart Will Go On" so we can use it against him later. 😉