A powerful interview platform to gain a deeper insight.

methinks is the best way to validate your products with your target customers. With methinks, you can go to market with confidence because you will understand how and why customers love your products.

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The most prominent brands in the world use methinks

Use to interview consumers, review marketing concepts and obtain proof of concept during research and development.

Susan Ho,Founder

Deepak Gupta, CMO

Jerry Vahn, Director of Products

Timothy Lee, Founder

Better, Cheaper and Faster

methinks makes the validation process Better, Cheaper and Faster... or is it Faster, Cheaper and Better? We always get those mixed up.

No More Assumptions

Discover how your product will do in the market, with live stream testing, directly with your user base and avoid risk at every stage.

On Demand Insights

Subsequent research in the market is just not cutting it anymore. Get a front row seat to what your consumers are thinking and feeling, on-demand.

Optimized Features

A variety of tools for data analytics, security and privacy, video session screen sharing and much more, to help drive your products growth.