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Live Interviews

On-demand, direct and in-depth consumer insights at your fingertips. It's time to interact with your consumers, with an easy to use, powerful research interview platform, designed to optimize researchers' efforts.

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Vast Pool of "Thinkers"

Get immediate feedback from pre-screened consumers that will help you gather accurate insights. Researchers looking for specific talents, skills, or knowledge can easily connect with Thinkers that meet key research criterion.


The methinks marketplace is global. You can reach an incredible range of people all over the world, understand their thought process, and interact with them in real time, all through our platform.

Save More Than Time

methinks reduces the time, human resources and costs associated with traditional interviews and recruitment. On average, methinks is 10x faster, 5x cheaper

Valuable Features

methinks platform offers features such as video transcriptions, video collaboration, and bookmark recordings to help maximize research and data analysis.