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Learn from your customers, right now.

methinks connects you with target customers so that you can ask important questions and learn. Use methinks yourself, or work with us to achieve your research goals, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Shape strategy and decisions with customer insights

Make key decisions based on customer insights gathered in face-to-face video chats. Test and validate new product and marketing ideas quickly, lift revenues and grow faster. Business Leaders

Improve the user experience of your product

Learn directly from customers and design useful, engaging features. Save development time and costs by catching UX issues early. Product Managers & Designers

Focus on Learning, Not Moderating

Conduct remote research without having to compromise on methodology. Recruit, schedule, and pay participants all in one app. Get straight to the research and save time on the logistics. Researchers

Build a brand that leaves a good impression

Find out how to reduce friction in your customer journey by speaking directly with your customers. Gain insights to drive conversion and increase engagement with your brand. Marketers
App Insights

Analyze user journeys and reach customers at crucial moments

App Insights for iOS and Android gives you all the tools you need to:

  • Review and analyze user journeys with user flow visual representations.

  • Quickly create surveys and collect customer feedback directly in your app with ease.

  • Encourage users to leave positive ratings and reviews in the app store.

  • Intercept users at the right moment to collect information.

Thinker Polls

Hear what they have to say!

methinks Thinkers share their thoughts on trending topics, events and happenings around the world. See what they're talking about right now. Results

What do our clients think?

Gabriel Rapoport, Co-Founder & COO, Challenger

Deepak Gupta, CMO

Jerry Vahn, Director of Products

Timothy Lee, Founder



  • Recruit from our pool of 350k qualified Thinkers or bring your own user
  • Pre-screen participants
  • Easy scheduling and rescheduling within the app
  • Payment processing


  • Conduct video interviews from mobile or desktop devices
  • Share your screen or request screen share from your participant
  • Take notes, bookmark important insights, add observers, and tag teammates on a single platform

Analytics & Insights

  • Work with our researchers to gain a professional analysis of insights
  • methinks features enable your team to gain the most out of user research
  • Receive an insight report and analytics

Other Capabilities

  • Create surveys with advanced branching and skip logic
  • Run app tests or beta tests
  • Conduct longitudinal studies and focus groups
  • Learn more about our pro features: MobileUX, Bird’s Eye, and PDF Markup
Starting at

$ 89 /interview

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