Get real feedback from your

target customer within minutes.


What makes methinks different?

Rapidly and precisely

recruit users

Recruit from your target market based on location or apps they enjoy day to day - 10x faster than traditional market research methods and significantly more accurately.

Real-time mobile app

and web testing

Live face to face product testing through video surveys, interviews, recordings and video bookmarks, clippings, and annotations - see user’s facial expression and app usage simultaneously.

Advanced, fully customizable

surveys and research options

From small qualitative studies using your team to large volume methinks participants in longitudinal tests - customize your research for any stage of your app development cycle.

How methink works?

Start with your users or recruit from the methinks community

Conduct live video interviews and usability testing

Easily expand to longitudinal studies and AB tests

Video recordings and actionable insights immediately available!



$ 69

per participant

Our Revolutionary

Remote Testing Platform


$ 99

per participant


Recruitment and Scheduling


Starting At

$ 199

per participant



methinks takes care of paying the tester so you don't have to

  Participant Compensation Included

  Participant Compensation Included

Easily search our thinker database to find your perfect demographic fit

  Access to methinks Tester Community

  Access to methinks Tester Community

Tell us your target testers, we'll find them for you in 24 hours! (average)

  Professional Recruiting

  Professional Recruiting

We'll make sure the participants fit your schedule

  Scheduling Service

  Scheduling Service

methinks ensures participants meet technical requirements for device screen sharing

  Live Web/App Testing

  Live Web/App Testing



In-depth, qualitative and quantitative reports summarize the project

  Insight Report

  Insight Report

methinks' professionals will moderate the entire project

  Professional Research

  Professional Research

Just press a button and instantly grab and transcribe key quotes during the live interview

  Quote Grabber/Transcription

  Quote Grabber/Transcription

Scripted question queues keep moderators on track

  Live Interview Questions/Screeners

  Live Interview Questions/Screeners

Easily take timestamped notes during the live interview

  Annotations, Bookmarks and Recordings

  Annotations, Bookmarks and Recordings

In-depth analysis of participants' lifestyle and installed apps.

  Participant Analytics

  Participant Analytics




Discretely observe live interviews

  Observer Feature

  Observer Feature

methinks provides dedicated support throughout your research project.

  Premium Support

  Premium Support

What methinks customers are saying

Testimonials from people just like you

Loop Media

methinks is, quite simply, a life-saver. I needed to test a new app direction a week before launch and without methinks, I’d never have learned what our customers thought of our app. Methinks turns a process that was 8 days a year ago into an 8 hour process today. F*#!ing amazing.

Aaron Burcell, CMO, Loop Media


methinks is an amazing solution for mobile games validation -- through the app we can share a game, schedule group play, and methinks takes care of the recruiting and qualifying of testers, post-play interviews, and they even analyze the feedback, and annotate video interviews with players. methinks is the perfect package of user research for our needs

Deepak Gupta, CRO, MachineZone

methinks FAQ


Q : How do I find the Thinkers on methinks?

A: You can quickly find methinks Thinkers two ways:

1) When creating a Project on methinks, select any of the 14 filters that help you recruit the right Thinkers. Filters range from demographic information to location to finding out which apps a Thinker has installed on their phone.

2) Or, create a gig with screener survey questions and accept applications so that you can learn about Thinkers and filter based on your own criteria.

Note: If you work with methinks in a consulting service agreement, methinks will recruit the right Thinkers for you.

Q : How do I get in touch with the Thinkers?

A: Use methinks to request a live video interview with a Thinker, sharing details like availability and compensation.

Note: If you work with methinks in a consulting service agreement, methinks takes care of recruiting and scheduling, all you need is tell us who you want, and when you want it.

Q : How long does it take to get a response from Thinkers?

A: Application alerts from Thinkers typically arrive within minutes. In most cases, you can schedule a video interview within hours.

Q : How do I talk to my Thinkers?

A: methinks has built-in video chat in the app. Or, you can use the methinks web portal to see the Thinker and screen share a website for additional product testing options.

Q : How long can I talk to the Thinkers for?

A: For the Startup service, the video chat is recorded for 30 minutes, and you can schedule multiple meetings if necessary. For Fast-Track, meeting length can be as long as 45 minutes. If you're a "Professional" user, the time is unlimited.

Q : Can I ask the Thinkers to test my product in addition to talking to them?

A: For methinks Fast-Track or Professional customers, special features for mobile app and web app testing are available on methinks web dashboard.

Q : In app testing interviews, can I see in real-time how the Thinker is using my product?

A: Yes. You will be able to see Thinker's touches, clicks, their facial reaction and voice in real-time, while having a video chat with them.

Q : What if the Thinker is not what I expected?

A: Easy -- find another one for free. If you're on a higher tier of service, methinks will recruit a different Thinker for you. We won't stop looking until you're satisfied.

Q : Can I talk to a group of Thinkers at once? (focus group)

A: Yes, Focus Group feature is available. You can also invite an observer.

Q : Where do you find the Thinkers?

A: A startup has to have some secrets:) methinks Thinkers are our biggest source of recruiting -- many are students or workers that identify themselves as a part of the growing "gigging" economy worldwide.

Q : Where are the Thinkers located?

A: We have Thinkers from all over the world, but at present, most are predominantly English speakers from English-speaking countries.

Q : How do I pay the Thinkers?

A: It's easy -- just authorize a payment method during app setup. After that, methinks handles all of the payments logistics.

Q : Can I perform longitudinal tests?

A: Absolutely! Performing user studies on subjects across many days is a synch with our video interview and scheduling interface. Our advanced analytics platform aggregates user responses in multi-day studies instantly.

Q : Can I use my own users?

A: Definitely, feel free to use members of your team, contacts or anyone you like. Inviting them to a study is easy using our recruitment interface.

Q : Can I test my unpublished mobile application?

A: Yes! Using the methinks platform you can securely distribute it without changing any code - even with tracking and livestreaming.

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