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methinks helps businesses to craft impactful user journeys through the insights of real human thinkers.

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The methinks difference

Continuous customer conversation

Connecting with your customers to understand their needs, desires, and experiences has been a challenge for far too long. With methinks, the struggle is over: from recruiting to interviews to analysis, methinks provides all the tools you need to engage in continuous customer conversations, helping you to develop products with a human touch.


A one-stop, end-to-end offering for any test or study


Create research gigs with defined criteria (age, location, gender, and much more). Review applications from thousands of qualified thinkers. Schedule sessions with thinkers.


Talk to thinkers face-to-face, in real time. Thinkers connect through a dedicated mobile app, increasing accessibility. Interviews are recorded, keeping all insights safe.


Securely distribute prototype apps directly through methinks. Watch and discuss as thinkers test apps and websites in real-time. Observe thinker facial expressions as they test.

Go Long

Longitudinal, multi-day testing. Track how thinker opinions and experiences change over time. Private forum allows thinkers to share their thoughts and ideas with each other.


Review recorded sessions and create highlight clips. Custom surveys and questionnaires. Cohort analysis and word clouds.

All your research needs managed from a single dashboard

How it works


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Our customers love methinks, but don’t take our word for it:


methinks is, quite simply, a life-saver. I needed to test a new app direction a week before launch and without methinks, I’d never have learned what our customers thought of our app. Methinks turns a process that was 8 days a year ago into an 8 hour process today. F*#!ing amazing. - Aaron Burcell, CMO -


methinks is an amazing solution for mobile games validation -- through the app we can share a game, schedule group play, and methinks takes care of the recruiting and qualifying of testers, post-play interviews, and they even analyze the feedback, and annotate video interviews with players. methinks is the perfect package of user research for our needs - Deepak Gupta, CRO -


methinks puts our early-stage apps in front of dozens of potential users in a controlled, multi-day testing environment, leading to major improvements for our user experience. methinks' thinkers are passionate about apps and aren’t afraid to give us the honest, critical feedback we need to help us make apps that they will love! - Jerry Vahn, Director of Products -


The methinks community was an invaluable resource for us at Avid AI. Through the methinks app, we had access to thousands of relevant testers right at our fingertips, which allowed for efficient user feedback and validation. A must for any startup product manager! - Timothy Lee, Founder -

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