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Your Insight Is Valuable

Businesses and researchers value your insights, knowledge, and experience, and methinks wants you to get paid for your stories.

Download the methinks app, create an account, sign up for a “gig” and get paid for your time.

What is a thinker?

A thinker is anyone who has experiences, opinions, ideas, or thoughts about the products and services they encounter in their day-to-day lives; methinks is where Thinkers get paid to provide insights that help businesses make better products.

We have a very large community of smart, honest, caring consumers, who give the most accurate insights and, in return, receive money for their time and joy of watching companies bring their insights to the market.

A special thank you from methinks to its Thinkers.

What can you do on methinks?


Join face-to-face interviews to discuss your opinions on products.

App and Website Tests

Test brand new apps and websites before they’re released.

Multi-day Studies

Participate in multi-day studies.

Short Surveys

Take surveys and questionnaires in a few minutes of downtime

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