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Interview Pricing

methinks is a fast and easy research platform used by research pros and startup employees alike. Pricing starts at $89 per research interview and the first Thinker interview is free with a purchase. There are no terms with methinks.io, you just pay-as-you-go or contact us for discounted pricing on focus groups, longitudinal tests (i.e., game beta tests), combination quantitative and qualitative research needs, mobile ethnographic research and more.

Please Contact Us via email and we'll call or respond via email the same day.

Pay as you go

Starting at

$ 89 / interview

Recruiting and Compensation
Interview Features
Team Features
Research Support
Research-as-a-Service (Contact Us)
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Pay As You Go

Full-Suite Research & Testing Platform includes:

Recruiting and Compensation

Bring my own participants
Participant compensation & payment processing
Recruit from Thinker community
Create custom recruiting and screeners
Prescreen & scheduling service (Optional upgrade)

Interview Features

Live interview bookmark & annotation
Interview recording
Focus Group feature
Real-time web & app testing during the interview
Video editing & clipping
Live transcription

Team Features

Team collaboration
Observer feature

Research Support

Researcher companion mobile app (iOS)
Extended support from the expert research team

Research-as-a-Service (Contact Us)

Longitudinal study
Professional researcher interview
Insight report