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How does methinks really work?

No need to use a combination of point solutions to interview consumers. With methinks, researchers can schedule and record interviews instantly, take notes, bookmark consumer insights, track user behavior and more. Everything is time-stamped and stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing.

A: methinks is a product research and user testing platform that connects researchers and businesses with our innovative tools and large panel of thinkers (participants). We also have a dedicated team of researchers who will host your research project if preferred! The methinks app and platform both offer a unique set of capabilities to utilize and enhance your research efforts including: state-of-the-art analytics and BI, screen-sharing technology, video recording, transcription services and more, all available for use during your qualitative, quantitative, and longitudinal research studies.
A: With methinks you can host full-scale qualitative, quantitative and longitudinal research studies. Some of our functionalities and tools include:
- Surveys & forums for tester feedback collection purposes
- In-interview and post-interview note-taking capabilities
- Secure app distribution inside our platform
- Editable/downloadable video recordings
- Live-stream viewing of app testing
- Real-time video transcriptions
- Screen-sharing functionalities
- Event trigger options
- 1-1 interviews
- Focus groups
- Touch points
- Bookmarks
- And more…
A: We’ve partnered with and successfully completed research studies for many large companies including: Verizon, LG, Samsung, Nexon, Vevo, and Super Evil Megacorp, just to name a few.
A: You don’t! We manage all of the participant payment on our end, and that benefit comes included in the cost of an interview.
A: Not a problem! Our dedicated team can help with the recruiting and screening process, as well as host the interview for you.
A: Don’t worry, we can help! We have a dedicated team of researchers that are ready and waiting to assist you with and/or host your interviews.
A: Based on current research findings, interview relevancy varies based on the type of interview. In general, 5 interviews are relevant for qualitative purposes. Please see the following links for additional research and insight:
https://www.nngroup.com/articles/how-many-test-users https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users
A: You should use methinks if you are looking to gain valuable consumer feedback that is delivered to you in an easily digestible manner. methinks also reduces the turnaround time and cost of traditional research by over half, thereby making the process much more efficient, modernized and affordable. methinks may appear similar to other user testing tools upon first glance, but there are many functionalities that are unique only to the methinks platform. We offer a large pool of testers from varying demographics, as well as the ability to support qualitative, quantitative, and longitudinal studies. You can transcribe, download and edit the interview video recordings all conveniently within the platform, for the most user-friendly researching experience on the market.
A: You can sign up for your methinks for business account here: https://www.methinks.io
A: Yes! You can download our app (only available on iOS) and do business on-the-go. Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/methinks-live-video-research/id1128632758
A: methinks is available globally, but with a current focus on english-speaking countries.
A: Anyone can use methinks to gain research insights; however, we most commonly see startup founders, research agencies, product managers, and independent researchers as use cases.
A: Gaming companies, mobile apps, consumer companies and more.
A: A successful research project starts with an issue and a hypothesis, where you then invite testers of the target demographic for the study, with the result being identifiable reasoning and action items behind the research.
A: Creating a plan for a business can be a team effort. You can either decide your business plan entirely on your own, or you can work with one of the methinks dedicated team members to tailor the project perfectly to your needs.
A: Generally speaking, you will be partnered with a Research Operations Manager who will work with you through most of your methinks experience. As there can be many moving pieces to a research study, there may be times where you work with other members of the methinks team as well. One thing that will always remain consistent is our dedication to supporting and empowering our customers!
A: Use methinks to request an interview with a thinker, sharing details like availability and compensation. We also offer a messaging platform within methinks that will allow you to directly message a potential participant. This messaging platform allows you to message thinkers at anytime during the research study process.
A: Application alerts from thinkers typically arrive within minutes. In most cases, you can schedule a meeting within hours.
A: Yes! With our platform, you can even view in real-time while they navigate your web page, app, etc.
A: You sure can! You can view in real-time while they navigate the mockup.
A: Yes. You will be able to see thinker's touches, clicks, their facial expressions and voice, all in real-time and while having a conversation with them.
A: We have a dedicated system that actually allows you to distribute your development build safely and securely through our platform! Our dedicated team will help you from setup to distribution of your app on the methinks platform.
A: Easy, find another one for free!
A: The majority of our panel members are millennial and generation z’ers who have grown up with and frequently use mobile devices and other forms of technology. These participants are passionate about giving their consumer feedback and helping bring impactful change to the products they consume on a daily basis.
A: We have thinkers from all over the world, but at present, most are predominantly English speakers from English-speaking countries.
A: You bet! Our messaging platform will allow you to contact the thinkers at any time.
A: You sure can! You’ll even have the option to directly contact those participants for follow-up questions and studies.
A: While our founders began working on the platform long beforehand, our official DOB is December 26, 2016.
A: Yes!
A: You can quickly find methinks thinkers two ways:

1) Using our search and filter function, you can indicate your participant criteria and then sort through the list of thinkers with whom fit that criteria

2) Or, create a gig with screener questions and accept applications.