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How does methinks really work?

No need to use a combination of point solutions to interview consumers. With methinks, researchers can schedule and record interviews instantly, take notes, bookmark consumer insights, track user behavior and more. Everything is time-stamped and stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing.

A: Participants are selected based on a multitude of metrics ranging from age and gender, to hobbies and career.
A: It’s super easy, you just select the participant and send them an interview invite in the platform. You can either send them an invite for a specific time, or give them a few time-slots to select from.
A: Yes, you are able to invite your own participants to your study.
A: When to host interviews all depends on the needs of your research study. Interviews can be hosted immediately upon a gig being made live in the methinks platform, or can be hosted many weeks later after a series of in-depth pre-screening segments.
A: Our ever-growing and vast community of over 350k thinkers are from all around the world!
A: methinks provides a built-in interviewing tool that allows you to directly contact the participant that you would like to interview, and you can either send them an interview request with a specific time, or offer them the option to select from a list of predetermined time slots.
A: Nope, methinks is a research optimized video-chat platform in itself. methinks video-chat platform offers:
- In-interview and post-interview note-taking capabilities
- Editable/downloadable video recordings
- Real-time video transcriptions
- Screen-sharing functionalities
- 1-1 interviews
- Focus groups
- Bookmarks
- And more…
A: You can control the following demographics: Language, Age, Gender, Location, Education, Job, Job Responsibility, Activity, Annual Income, Community Type, Marital Status, Ethnicity and even more if you utilize pre-screening questions for your recruit.
A: 1 M Credit will allow for an interview length of up to 45 minutes. If you require a lengthier interview, the amount of M Credits required will increase.
A: Yes, up to 5 observers are able to watch the interview in real-time from anywhere in the world using their mobile device or computer.