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FAQ for thinker

How does methinks really work?

No need to use a combination of point solutions to interview consumers. With methinks, researchers can schedule and record interviews instantly, take notes, bookmark consumer insights, track user behavior and more. Everything is time-stamped and stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing.

A: So you can provide valuable insight and feedback about various study topics, and make some quick cash!
A: methinks for thinkers works by connecting our pool of dedicated thinkers with companies that are seeking their feedback and insight. You simply download the methinks for thinkers app, create an account, fill in your profile details and then begin applying for gigs! If you’re selected, you will be sent an interview invite and upon successful completion of the gig, you get paid! It’s quick, easy, painless AND rewarding for all!
A: Download our methinks for thinkers app in either the Google Play store or iOS App Store and sign-up and fill out your profile within the app. It's that simple!
iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/methinks-money-for-thoughts/id1061271374?mt=8
Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.methinks.android&hl=en_US
A: We pay weekly on Fridays (as long as your account has a positive balance) and there is no minimum payout amount! Payment is applied to your account and can be redeemed via Paypal or Amazon eGift Cards.
A: We have different clients with varying research needs, but generally our gigs consist of the following: testing out brand new apps, services, products, games and lifestyle products; as well as, in-depth interviews with researchers who are looking for your feedback on their ideas, services or products.
A: We do not recommend doing this, as we can only support and monitor interviews and studies hosted within our platform. In addition, we will not be able to compensate thinkers for any gigs performed outside of our platform as well.
A: Typically, businesses spend around a week or two reviewing all the thinker applications that they have received, and then contact the applicants whom they think best fit the project. If you haven't been contacted by then, it's mostly safe to assume that they have decided to move forward with other candidates.