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FAQ for thinker

How does methinks really work?

No need to use a combination of point solutions to interview consumers. With methinks, researchers can schedule and record interviews instantly, take notes, bookmark consumer insights, track user behavior and more. Everything is time-stamped and stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing.

A: While our founders began working on the platform long beforehand, our official DOB is December 26, 2016.
A: While our founders began working on the platform long beforehand, our official DOB is December 26, 2016.
A: methinks is good for anyone who wants to earn supplemental income and/or provide their valuable user feedback.
A: Yes! Our thinkers are compensated both generously and quickly. We pay weekly on Fridays (as long as your account has a positive balance) and there is no minimum payout amount!
A: Everywhere!
A: Businesses pay us to gather consumer feedback, and to thank you, we pay you!
A: Anyone can be a thinker! If you’re under 18, we require parental approval. As long as you have a compatible Android or iPhone, and the desire to give meaningful feedback, we would love to have you as a thinker!
A: Yes, you absolutely can! We do require parental permission for those who are under 18. Once you are selected for a gig, we will send your parents the approval form; and upon sign and return of the form, we will proceed with the interview.
A: Yes! Refer a friend and you both receive a bonus at the value of 50% of their first gig’s compensation (up to $10).
A: Our thinkers aren’t found, they come to us! Thinkers are individuals who desire to give meaningful feedback, and make some quick money in exchange. Most commonly thinkers find us through word-of-mouth, reviews and app store suggestions.
A: Yes, all data is permanently deleted 24 hours after account deactivation. You are free to request an account deactivation at anytime and it will happen immediately upon confirmation of the request.
A: Only methinks and the project coordinators of the business you are doing a gig with have access to your data. In addition, you choose what data to show by answering only the profiling questions you wish to answer. Only "Core" and "Extended Core" profile questions are required, all others are optional.
A: As a thinker, we offer above market-rate compensation (ranging from $5-$100+ on average) for gigs, which definitely sets us apart. You also have the opportunity to perform in various types of research efforts that typically involve a video-chat interview, and some studies that can span over the course of a few weeks. Aside from our amazing thinker community being one of our obviously defining factors, we also offer state-of-the-art functionalities and technology within our app, making it a research study favorite!
A: You can contact us via e-mail at support@methinks.io
A: This is a tricky question, as there are many variables. We cannot guarantee a gig or the quantity of gigs that you will be able to secure; however, the more information you provide in your profile and the more active you are in applying for gigs, the more likely you are to be selected.
A: methinks is a platform for businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers, where they can host research studies and gain valuable and impactful user and consumer feedback. As a methinks thinker, you ARE the user or consumer who provides the feedback… and you get paid for it!