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Quick and easy mobile product validation

Watch recorded sessions of participants using your app, giving live feedback or performing specific tasks. methinks offers different tools to validate your mobile apps.


Longitudinal studies

Upload and distribute your app securely via methinks' distribution channel. Set up project duration, playtime requirements, and daily tasks your testers should perform.

With testers' consent, all sessions including screen, touch point, and even front-facing camera can be recorded. Review your testers' in-app experience, and create highlight reels to share with your team.

Manage your testers using online discussion boards and announcements. Extract feedback from them using surveys and interviews.


Quick turnaround app tests

Run unmoderated app tests and observe behavioral patterns asynchronously. Testers' sessions are recorded automatically.

Create tasks for your testers to perform, and assign pre-test and post-test surveys to collect more insights.


A lightweight SDK

App Insights SDK enables automatic tracking and recording of user journeys in HD screenshots, allowing you to distribute targeted surveys straight from your app.

Use Live Intercept to collect contact information and request interview sessions. Set up Store Review Prompts to collect feedback and encourage users to rate your app.

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