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Business Leaders

methinks helps business leaders make key decisions based on customer insights gathered in face-to-face video chats. Test and validate new product-feature functionality and understand marketing campaign potential, quickly. Learn more about competitive products and competitors. Most importantly, methinks connects people with their customers and prospective customers to understand behavioral and cultural insights that help businesses expand and grow.

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Achieve Results

Drive growth and hit your goals by testing and validating your product and marketing ideas, quickly. Stay at the top of your game in competitive industries by gaining customer insights on product UX, marketing messaging, customer behavior and competitor positioning.

Save More than Time

methinks will shorten the turnaround of customer insights from months to days, saving you time, budget, and resources. methinks research is delivered 10x faster, 5x cheaper, enabling you to realize greater operating efficiencies by adding methinks research as an organizational best practice.


methinks Thinker apps are available in multiple languages, enabling you to connect with consumers all around the world. Gain key insights for business expansion, partnerships and product initiatives in new geographies. methinks provides optional transcription and translation services, helping you in the early phases of new market exploration and consideration.