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Based on your recruiting criterion, we can connect you with specific, verified panelists from our pool of hundreds-of-thousands of consumers in the US, and around the world. Or, invite your own research subjects via a simple interview link. Conduct video interviews, edit-and-share video, schedule sessions and authorize payment from easy-to-use PC-web and mobile apps.

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Faster Recruiting

methinks customers recruit from pre-screened and readily available consumers we call “Thinkers.” Create a gig in minutes with challenge questions, add voice and video answer requirements, or use surveys to filter prospective Thinkers. If you prefer, you can invite your own participants to a methinks session with a direct link.

Made for Teams

methinks offers moderated and unmoderated remote research capabilities. Session moderators can add observers, chat privately with observers in-session, request transcription and translation, take notes and tag team members as important insights are received in real-time.

Survey like a Pro

Create surveys with advanced branching and skip logic based on conditional answers. Enable screening questions from a dozen question types, including audio and video response, multi-select answers, numerical ratings, multiple choice and more.

Customize your Research

methinks supports a variety of qualitative research methodologies, such as app tests, beta tests, longitudinal studies, ethnographic studies and brochure studies. For device and app testing, methinks supports screen-share, multiple cameras, capturing user keystrokes and syncing with another video perspective. Optional security and privacy features include a standard NDA, upload-and-provision custom NDA, remote device controls, such as disabling screen-cap and record.