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Product Managers & Designers

Learn how to improve your product and design by connecting face-to-face with customers and prospective customers. Receive useful design feedback, discover feature-engagement improvements and learn how messaging and UX can be optimized for performance. By integrating methinks into design review, businesses save time on development costs by discovering customer adoption and engagement issues, early.

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Interview a customer or prospective customer via your mobile phone or desktop. Connect with customers on iOS, Android, and PC-web to get feedback on user flows, app or web designs, or share brochures for user markup. methinks supports field research for physical product prototypes as well.

Test Early & Often

Test and iterate on your ideas in preparation for a product launch or major release. Gather data to help your team understand and empathize with users. Integrate methinks into your design review process for ongoing feedback via regularly-scheduled customer interviews.

Safe & Secure

methinks commits to protecting the privacy of your research project, and our technology ensures that your data is only shared with the consumers you choose. Upload and provision your custom NDA or use our standard documents. Take advantage of unique security features by provisioning your app via methinks -- remote device controls disable screen capture, recording, and removes your application after a research project is complete.